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How often do I need to service my air conditioning?

One of the essentials of a modern car is being able to use a working air conditioning unit. Over time, the quality of air produced by your air conditioning can decrease to become much worse than when you first got it. The air can even start blowing out slightly warming air that it normally would, which tells you it’s in need of a service. Most car owners don’t pay much attention to the health of their air-con system. It is relatively easy to keep a cars air conditioning well maintained and working well, even in the summer.

What is wrong with my air conditioning?

When your air conditioning stops blowing air as cold as it should be, it means the unit needs to be re-gassed. The old gas simply needs to be removed and the unit filled with new refrigerant gas. It will benefit you massively if you maintain your air conditioning unit well and regularly. The evaporator has a big part to play in the cooling of your cars air conditioning system. This component is designed to eliminate heat that is inside of the car. As this is constantly filtering out air, it is prone to corrosion. This is another part of the air conditioning that would be a lot easier and cheaper to maintain with regular checks and inspection, as the evaporator is often damaged beyond repair.

How often should I get my air conditioning serviced?

The period of time between services is different with every car. The life span of air conditioning refrigerant gas is anywhere between 1 and 5 years depending on the make and model. It is thought that on average 15-20% of the gas will be lost from a cars air-con system every year. You could get away with not servicing your air-con and accepting the fact that it’s not as cold as it was when new, however this isn’t advised as a poorly optimized air-con system will put more strain on your vehicles engine; which will increase your fuel consumption. You should treat your air-con in the same way you would treat your engine or tires, don’t wait until they are broken to get them serviced but keep them maintained at a healthy state.

What is an indicator that my air conditioning needs a service?

There are multiple signs that should scream out to get your air-con serviced. If your air-con is blowing out warm air and not cooling as it should be then that is a sign that your system needs to be re-gassed. Warm air can mean leaking gas, which will be measure by air pressure during your service.

Your air-con isn’t going to smell like sweets and cakes, however there are certain smells you should look out for that can indicate your air-con has an issue. If you can smell a musty smell, your air-con probably has mold in it and contaminated with bacteria.

You air-con will always be a little bit noisy, however it can often be looked past when it is too loud or making noises it shouldn’t be. Loud bangs or rattling noises can mean that there or a worm out fan belt or there is debris clogging up the system filters.

What is involved with an air conditioning service?

There are multiple tests to do when servicing an air conditioning system. The most common problem is gas running out or leaking. The specialist will measure the pressure of the refrigerant gas in the system, and then check that it is not leaking anywhere. The refrigerant will then be drained, and the system will be fully cleaned. Once clean the system will be checked over again for gas leaks, any of which will be repaired. The specialist will then either recommend that you have repairs done or recommend a replacement.

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