An effective braking system is crucial to ensuring the safety of your vehicle. At J & K Autos Ltd, we can meet your brake replacement needs and give you the confidence that your brakes are reliable and reactive. Over the past 10 years, J&K Autos Ltd have built an excellent reputation in Maidenhead. We are proud that our family run business is well-known for offering a dependable and trustworthy service to those in and around Maidenhead. If you are in any doubt of the condition of your brakes, contact our customer service on 01628 778348 today to discuss.

Maidenhead Brake Pad Replacement

We offer brake pad replacement services at our local Maidenhead car garage. Brake pads and discs wear down over time and you may notice that your stopping distance has increased. There are a number of other tell-tale signs that your brake pads may need replacing. When pads are worn, you may feel a vibration when applying your brakes or you may hear a clicking noise or a high-pitched screeching sound. If you feel a pull to one side when braking, this could be an indication that your brake pads are more worn on one side than the other and therefore may need replacing.

You can check to see how worn down your brake pads are by looking through the spokes of your car wheels. If there is less than 6mm of brake pad visible, it is likely that it is time for your brake pads to be replaced. Our experienced and friendly mechanics at J & K Autos in
Maidenhead are qualified to check your brake pads and provide replacement services when required. While you’re in for a brake pad check, we can also check your tyres, click here for more info.

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How often do I need to replace my brake pads?

There are a number of factors that impact how often your brake pads need replacing. Driving in busy stop-start traffic can cause more wear and tear on your brakes than motorway driving for example. Some vehicles can cover well over 50,000 miles before brake pads need
changing, whereas in other cases, replacement is required after fewer than 30,000 miles. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure whether or not your brake pads need servicing or replacing.

Do I need to replace all of my brake pads at once?

In most cases, the front brake pads wear down more quickly than those at the back. This is because the front brakes usually do more work to stop the car when you apply your brakes. Our mechanics can assess the condition of each of your brake pads and advise you accordingly.

How often do I need to replace my brake discs?

Brake discs don’t typically need to be replaced as frequently as brake pads, however it is crucial that they are replaced when needed to ensure that you are able to stop quickly and safely. The life span of brake discs of course varies from one vehicle to the next. All brake
discs have a manufacturer wear limit recommended. At J & K Autos, we check the wear to all brake discs in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

If I replace my brake discs do I also need new brake pads?

It is recommended that brake pads are also replaced when new brake discs are fitted. Changing the discs but not the pads can cause the new discs to become damaged due to uneven wear on the discs. This diminishes the overall braking performance of your vehicle which can impact on the safety of you and your passengers. Here at J & K Autos we are known for our reliable and trustworthy service.

Is it safe to drive my car after the brakes have been replaced?

New brake pads take time to bed in, therefore it is important to drive with extra care and caution for the first 200 miles after they have been replaced. Take care not to brake excessively during this period so as not to damage the new parts and impact their efficiency. A member of our team will discuss this with you when you collect your car after the work has been completed.

How long will it take to get my brake pads replaced?

In most cases, we are able to change brake pads quickly, enabling you to get back on the road without delay. You can wait while the work is done, or you can come back to collect your car once we have completed the necessary work.

I’m still not sure if my brakes need replacing, can you check?

Here at J & K Autos, our friendly mechanics are able to check your braking system at any time. Feel free to get in touch to speak to a member of our team.

If you require, or think you require a brake pads and discs replacement or repair then get in touch with J&K Autos. We offer expert car service, we have worked on a wide variety of vehicles and have the experience necessary to get you back on the road as quickly as possible with our first-rate customer service.  Give us a call on 01628 778348 or email us on to see how we can help.