J&K Autos Ltd are Maidenhead’s premier MOT testing centre, with MOT testing across the Class IV and Class VII categories. We are able to inspect passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and small minibuses. We are also an authorised taxi compliance MOT centre for Maidenhead, with our VOSA approved workshop also providing free retesting within 10 days.

It is vital that your car has a regular MOT once it is three years old – it is in fact a legal requirement! The MOT is an essential safety check to ensure your vehicle meets the current standards for safety and environmental issues. Here at J&K Autos Ltd we provide MOT’s for many vehicles and motorcycles within the Maidenhead area.

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Car MOT Maidenhead

J&K Autos Garage Services are renowned in Maidenhead for our exceptional standards when it comes to MOT testing for cars. We have been operating in the area for over 10 years, with many satisfied customers returning year after year for their regular MOT. Getting your MOT from J&K Autos Ltd minimises the stress and time you spend ensuring your car meets the legal requirements. Our qualified VOSA certified team work to our high standards to ensure your car is thoroughly checked against the MOT in Maidenhead testing criteria.

Should your car require any remedial work to correct or fix any issues discovered during the MOT test, our service centre staff will contact you to communicate the best course of action to get your car on the road as quickly and safely as we can. We offer a range of service options to work with your budget and requirements, so do contact our team should you have any questions or concerns about your vehicle’s performance or safety issues. Our MOT price is standard.

Our other services include Clutch Replacement, Car Servicing, Car Body Repairs and Brake Replacement. If you’re in need of any of our services please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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Many vehicles pass their MOT without need for car repairs or servicing, however this is not always the case! In the situation where some repair works need to be carried out in order to meet the MOT standards, our experienced workshop team will carry out any work you require to your vehicle. We understand that it is important your vehicle is back up and running as quickly as possible, so we work to ensure your vehicle is not in the service centre for longer than necessary. We stock a wide range of parts onsite, but there are likely to be occasions when parts need to be ordered in from our suppliers.

If you are looking for a full MOT and service for your car or motorbike in Maidenhead, choose J&K Autos Ltd. We are well known in the area for our excellent customer service, fast work and quality repairs. When it comes to servicing and repair, we use the latest vehicle diagnostic testing to recover faults and recommend the most appropriate repair for our Maidenhead customers to avoid lengthy troubleshooting time.

Taxi Services

Taxi drivers have a responsibility to maintain their vehicles well, as they provide a much-needed service to the people of Maidenhead! J&K Autos Ltd are a recognised and authorised taxi compliance MOT centre, giving you peace of mind that your taxi is in safe hands. Since 2014 the Vehicle Compliance Test (VCT) replaced MOTs as a requirement for the licensing of taxi vehicles. It is vital for taxi drivers to have the correct VCT to ensure their licence is maintained. Here at J&K Autos Ltd we are a recommended and authorised supplier of the VCT.

Taxi drivers in Maidenhead are also recommended to have an MOT test completed at the same time, as the DVLA database will still need to see that your vehicle is maintained safely. The VCT is not recognised by DVLA when it comes to road tax. If you need further advice or assistance, please contact our MOT team at J&K Autos.

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Why do I need to have an MOT test?

The MOT is a legal requirement and is monitored by the DVLA.  If vehicles do not have a valid MOT, the owner can see themselves with an on the spot fine of £100 and any insurance polices may become invalid.

How do I book an MOT test with J&K Autos Ltd?

You can call us to book your MOT test on 01628 778348.  Our team would be happy to advise on the available dates and times.

Can I get my car back straight away?

Generally, if the vehicle passes the MOT you can drive away as soon as it is complete, however there are some occasions when repair works are required.  We will always advise if there are likely to be any services required to get your car running properly again.

Can you perform a service at the same time?

Yes, many people choose to have their MOT and service at the same time!  Simply contact our team to book both together.

Where can I find J&K Autos Ltd?

Our garage is located in Maidenhead.  The address is Unit 6 Lee Farm, Lee Lane, Pinkneys Green, Maidenhead, SL6 6PE.  You can call 01628 778348 or email jkr59@btconnect.com

If you are looking for a garage for Maidenhead MOT test, repairs or service then J&K Autos are here to help. We have years of experience with a wide variety of vehicles and are sure to get you back on the road as quickly as possible, our MOT prices are standard. Call us on 01628 778348 or email us on info@jandkautos.co.uk to speak to one of our friendly team.